About Us

The Midwest Alliance for Clean Hydrogen is a multistate alliance of public and private entities who have joined together to grow the regional hydrogen value chain. This alliance includes carbon-free energy producers, national labs, leading universities, hydrogen technology providers, diverse hydrogen end users across sectors and environmental justice organizations who are committed to delivering clean hydrogen to power our communities and create a carbon-free economy.

With potential investments across Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin, the Midwest Alliance for Clean Hydrogen has been established to promote commercially scalable projects that will stimulate clean hydrogen production and supply hydrogen end users across diverse sectors. The hub will produce tens of thousands of metric tons of hydrogen per year, with plans to grow over time as we develop a clean hydrogen economy. The hub partners have a shared commitment to a positive climate impact and decarbonization, safety, training, and workforce development. This includes a specific focus on historically disadvantaged communities.

A Commitment to Environmental Justice
Each alliance member shares a commitment to promoting environmental justice, diversity, equity and inclusion and furthering the administration’s landmark Justice40 goals through the development of the regional hub. Leveraging the clean energy transition to create opportunities in underinvested communities through outreach and workforce development initiatives engaging diverse populations is a top priority for the alliance. Job training programs, academic partnerships and reduced emissions from industries in and near disadvantaged communities will be among the many benefits stemming from a Midwest hydrogen hub.